Personalised Learning

Even the most experienced teacher may frequently find themselves challenged when it comes to identifying and supporting the many children in their classes who encounter different and cognitively very diverse difficulties when learning to read. The signs for specific reading difficulties also present very differently for each child, so it can be extremely difficult for teachers to pinpoint exactly which area of reading a child is struggling with.

“Current reading assessments are simply not good enough. When we look at a standard test score in isolation, it tells us that a child can’t read. It doesn’t tell us why that child can’t read.”

Our AI based assessment can analyse a child’s skills across key reading components, determine attainment, and highlight those with reading difficulties in a matter of minutes. It can, therefore, save months of assessment and discovery time. Those struggling readers who require targeted support can be identified in minutes, and then closely monitored through repeated testing to help ensure interventions are helping them to progress.

“The results have enabled us to plan more targeted intervention and adapt quality first teaching to meet the needs of all children.”

Fundamentally, teachers can only address literacy problems and personalise learning if they no exactly what they are in the first place. With objective results and intervention recommendations from Lexplore, teachers and school leaders can then make evidence based decisions to tailor learning and help all children on their reading for pleasure journey.

“Catering for the diversity of linguistic ability in a classroom can be one of the greatest challenges for teachers, who work so hard to give their pupils the support they need. Effective assessment is at the heart of this!”


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