Softlink and Lexplore cooperation

Lexplore Analytics partners with Softlink so pupils can discover books targeted to their exact reading level

Lexplore Analytics has today, the 22nd of March 2022, announced a partnership with Softlink Europe Ltd. that will make it easier for schools to offer ideal book suggestions that match each pupil’s reading level.

The move by the two companies brings literacy assessment and school library resources together for the first time. Teachers can first assess children using Lexplore’s cutting-edge eye-tracking reading assessment. The data will then be used by Softlink’s Oliver library management software to suggest books in the school library that pupils could read based on their interest and reading attainment level.

The result is a powerful system where pupils can select books that not only interest them, but will improve their enjoyment of reading.

Martin Sjöstrand, CEO from Lexplore Analytics said, “The partnership will have a significant impact on student literacy after a period of considerable disruption to learning. By helping pupils choose the right books for them from their school library, we can encourage children to develop a love of reading and help create lifelong learners. Pupils who would benefit from reading more challenging materials are given the chance to extend their abilities.

“Our shared mission with Softlink is to make the world a better place, one reader at a time.”

 With the ongoing assessment data from Lexplore tied to school library resources, school libraries will be able to further demonstrate the value they add to literacy by showing a direct correlation between reading activity and literacy growth for each pupil and the entire school community.

Barney Jenkins, director of business development EMEA from Softlink, saidMany schools are deeply concerned about the impact of the pandemic on literacy. This partnership will help schools get pupils back on track as quickly as possible. Pupils will read material which ticks both their interest and reading level boxes to help build literacy skills and avoid children choosing books which are beyond their reading level, which could put them off reading altogether.”

Features in the Oliver library management software motivate pupils to read more regularly by sharing with children how many books per week or month they need to read before they make it to the next level and can access another selection of books. Based on 30 years of research, Lexplore Analytics tracks the way a child’s eyes move when they read two passages of text, one out loud and one in their head. The technology records how long the child’s eyes rest on one word and how quickly the eyes move forwards and backwards across a series of words to identify any reading issues a child may be struggling with. The solution can spot if a child may be at risk of specific difficulties such as dyslexia, even when they have developed coping strategies to mask problems over time. In addition, it can help teachers to ensure gifted readers are appropriately stretched.

There is no writing involved for children and results are available in minutes, providing an accurate picture of a child’s reading skills in isolation of their writing or English language ability.

To find out more about Lexplore Analytics and Softlink – visit stand NG71 at BETT or go to www.lexplore.com or www.softlinkint.com/edu/

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Lexplore Analytics 

Lexplore Analytics is a rapid reading assessment tool powered by eye-tracking and artificial intelligence technologies, which takes just 2 minutes to analyse a child’s current reading level. This process provides teachers with real-time data that directly correlates to a student’s reading capability, so teachers can properly address literacy achievement gaps with targeted interventions.  

Based on 30 years of research, Lexplore Analytics was developed by academics who are experts in eye tracking and linguistic learning and who remain in charge of the business today.  

Lexplore Analytics has won many awards, including the Nordic EdTech Award for innovation, the Best Scaleup for Wellbeing EIT, the Best Intelligent Cloud Solution by Microsoft, a Teach Primary SEND Award and a Digital Device Award. Lexplore Analytics was also selected as a finalist in the BETT Awards 2019 for innovation. In addition, Lexplore Analytics is accredited by the British Dyslexia Association. 




Here at Softlink, our focus is simple: providing innovative technology that helps school library staff and educators facilitate their students’ development and success. We’ve been helping schools for over 34 years and have customers in almost 70 countries. Our mission is to equip both schools and districts with the most comprehensive and effective solutions to engage their students, improve literacy outcomes and promote student achievement. Our origin and passion have always been schools. In 2016, Softlink Education became an independent business separate from our sister company Softlink Information Centres (IC). This allows us to focus our development and services on the specific needs of primary to secondary schools and education departments while IC focuses on higher education, special libraries and information centres.