Psychology in Education

At Lexplore Analytics, we are proud to partner with Psychology in Education to provide professional, video support to compliment various aspects of our assessment. These videos have been produced specifically for Lexplore customers by experienced educational psychologists, giving the very essence of what you need to know on each topic in around 10 minutes.

The areas they cover are:

Rapid Automatic Naming: What is it and what is it useful for?

Phonological Awareness: Why is it important to reading and what should we do to improve it?

Reciprocal Teaching for Reading Comprehension: A structured discussion technique demonstrated to enhance reading comprehension at whole class and individual level

Paired Reading: A detailed description of a cost effective, structured approach to reading found to enhance fluency, reading comprehension and increase motivation in reluctant readers

Inclusive Classroom (for literacy): The video focuses on the features of an inclusive classroom with a look at the underlying difficulties faced by struggling readers / dyslexic children and adaptations to support

Meta cognition: The video focuses on how to teach children to use meta cognition to enhance their learning.

Access to the video platform can normally be purchased for £195. This price includes ALL courses for ALL school staff *prices are subject to VAT.

Psychology In Education

Professional Support Videos

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