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Reading for pleasure – The whole-school approach!

For the prolific reader, it might be difficult to imagine a time before books. However, it certainly isn’t the case that we were all born with an inherent love of literature. In fact, the reading journey is something which is very personal and different for every individual.

Some children will quickly master the skills required and become veracious readers who devour stories from an early age. However, others will find it much more difficult to learn to love reading, and their journey might not be so straight forward. But how can we ensure every child is given the opportunity and material to develop that all important love of reading, so they can enter a word of words as early as possible?

At the 2019 Building Identities, Building Readers weekend we asked librarians, teachers, SENCOs and literacy experts which tools were required to help create and drive a whole-school reading for pleasure culture.

But with teachers and librarians often facing a magnitude of unpredictable challenges in the classroom, how do you begin to implement these powerful reading for pleasure tools? We have created the following guide which explores several methods to implement the top chosen tools, helping school leaders create an all-inclusive and all-accessible reading community at the heart of their own school.


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