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Reflecting on my first term at Lexplore!

Earlier this year we were thrilled to welcome Dona Stevenson, who after 14 years working with the British Dyslexia Association, joined the Lexplore team as our Training and Education Specialist. In the following post Donna reflects on how first term at Lexplore has certainly whizzed by, in a frenzy of meeting schools, learning about AI and eye tracking technology, as well as attending TES SEN South and launching an exciting webinar programme!

Having a background in education, for too many years than I care to count – I thought I had pretty much seen and heard most innovations and ideas – how wrong I was!  Joining the team at Lexplore and finding out about how eye tracking technology works and its potential has been truly awe-inspiring!

To me, what Lexplore do, is technology at its very best and it has been inspirational to see the program in action and the results it provides in a matter of minutes! A personal highlight for me, was attending my first SEN Show in London with Lexplore and seeing first hand, those ‘WOW’ moments when people first see what Lexplore does and the detailed information it can provide.

It was also such a privilege to hear Gustaf Öqvist Seimyr and Mattias Nilsson Benfatto talk about the extensive research behind Lexplore and it’s exciting potential when they visited the UK in November.  Another very proud moment for me was when Lexplore achieved the British Dyslexia Association’s Assured logo and the SMART Award, currently the only organisation who holds both awards.  Endeavouring to make Lexplore as Dyslexia Friendly as we can, makes perfect sense to us and continues our commitment to making the program as accessible as we can!

So looking forward to the new year and another exciting term, what will 2020 bring at Lexplore?  The new year will bring more webinars, with expert speakers, a trip to the BETT show and The Dyslexia Show, as well as lots of other conferences!  We look forward therefore, to sharing what Lexplore can provide with as many people as we can, making next year filled with lots more ‘WOW’ moments!

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