Saves Time and Resources

With many schools using a combination of formative assessments, standardised tests, and observations sessions, identifying children who struggle can be a lengthy and resource intensive process.

“The Lexplore testing process is quick, straightforward and easy to manage within the normal day-to-day organisation of school.”

In a matter of minutes, our entirely objective assessment now makes it possible for teachers to determine attainment instantly as well as highlight any children experiencing specific difficulties, like Dyslexia in the same two minute test. These results have often taken teachers entire terms to manually collate using a combination of many different paper-based tests.

“One of the main reasons we chose Lexplore is because it frees up so much time. Previously, it took teachers an entire term to do accurate assessments on their whole class.”

The Lexplore assessment not only requires a minimal amount of time but also little administrative input, therefore, enabling teachers to measure the reading attainment of large groups of students in a matter of minutes. With less time spent on assessments teachers can dedicate their time to doing what is most important– teaching and providing their students with the support they require.

“200 children went through the Lexplore assessment process in a week. Within five minutes of each assessment we had the results of their reading activity and an accurate attainment level.”


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