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Parents, School Leaders, Teachers, Technology

The new technology helping children with their reading!

To investigate the impact that COVID has had on children’s learning and literacy, The BBC One Show  sent poet, writer, and musician Benjamin Zephaniah to a primary school in Farnham. Having experienced disruption to his own education, due to moving around a lot as a child, he was able to share his own personal experiences of struggling when it comes to reading…


Parents, Teachers

Working memory to support learning…

The development of working memory is crucial to pupil engagement and academic success. In order to retain what they are learning; pupils need to develop strategies which support their memory and ultimately improve their ability to retain information and ultimately learn. The following blog post will look at the various areas of memory and suggest strategies and resources which may help.


Parents, School Leaders, Teachers

Closing the literacy gap and opening the door for learning!

Reading is a life skill which children need in order to thrive in their education and throughout their lives. According to Andrea Welter, assistant head teacher from Pheasey Park Primary School and Early Years Centre, there’s an urgent need to support children in literacy so their life chances are not affected by the Covid-19 pandemic…