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The Guide to Lexplore Analytics Results

Our Results Guide provides information and material to help you develop a better understanding of our assessment results. You can then make better and more informed interpretations when it comes to assessment results for your own pupils.


The Guide to Data Protection at Lexplore Analytics

Our team is committed to protecting your school data! Our Guide to Data Protection explores the standardised policies and practices we have in place to ensure your data is protected when using our assessment software.


The Guide to Reading Support

Our Guide to Reading Support provides explores a systematic approach for identifying and supporting struggling readers with tailored interventions and tools to use alongside the Lexplore Analytics Assessment programme.


The Reading for Pleasure Guide

According to OECD research, reading for pleasure may provide the most effective way to level social change and is, in fact, a more important indicator of academic success than a child’s socio-economic background. Our Guide explores several methods to help teachers and school leaders create reading cultures at the heart of their schools.


The Summer Reading Guide

Whether you want to keep track of reading with our Spiral Tracker or create word lists with the Alphabet Game, there are fun activities for every child in our Summer Reading Guide! Download today to help keep your pupils reading throughout lockdown and over the holidays.


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Dyscalculia Solutions

We are delighted to work with independent education consultant and dyscalculia expert Judy Hornigold for this fantastic broadcast. The session will highlight practical approaches for supporting learners with Dyscalculia, including the use of manipulatives such as Cuisenaire Rods, Ten frames, two-coloured counters, bar modelling and othe techniques.
Thursday 10th December 7pm

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Previous broadcasts and recordings

Additional Resources

Reading Behaviour – Issues To Consider with Struggling Readers


Supporting Eye Tracking Skills


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