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Supporting all readers by Katrina Cochrane!

Katrina Cochrane is a specialist teacher and author with over 25 years’ experience working to raise awareness and support both children and adults with dyslexia. In the following blog post she shares an insight into the diverse range of reading difficulties children can face and explores why these difficulties can make it challenging for class teachers to identify those needing extra support.

Reading can be a struggle for so many children and there are many facets to their difficulties that may not have been considered.

Many children that I assess for dyslexia have a range of strategies that can help them , for example if they have good visual memory skills they often rely on this strength. This works until the words get too long!

Visual difficulties can mean that they have problems with tracking and they often use their fingers to help guide them when reading. Sometimes a coloured overlay with a tracking line can really help them.

Some older children are actually quite good readers, particularly those about to go to University but it is the volume of reading that is the problem as they grapple with complex texts as part of their degree courses.

Some children read fluently but can’t remember what they have just read when questioned on the text or they have spent so long decoding each word that the sentence is not recollected, Others can only read only one or two words in a paragraph but have such good skills in filling in the blanks, that they come up with very credible ideas about the whole passage.

All of these strategies mean that sometimes it is not easy for the class teacher to realise that the child has reading difficulties that need to be addressed. Ideally this will be by using a structured, cumulative and multisensory programme such as Toe by Toe.

Katrina discusses these important problems in more depth as part of her Lexplore Webinar which you can purchase as a recording from out online shop.

If you would like to find out more you can also visit Katrina’s Positive Dyslexia website – she is always happy to answer questions!

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