Supporting All Readers Webinar

Please see the links below for the resources mentioned during the broadcast:  

RNIB digital downloads of over 300,000 books – www.load2learn.org.uk

Fog Index tool – https://readabilityformulas.com/free-readability-formula-tests.php

Dyslexia Action Active Literacy Kit – https://www.ldalearning.com/product/cognition-andlearning/dyslexia-and-literacy/beat-dyslexia/active-literacy-kit/acmt00569

Positive Dyslexia –  https://www.positivedyslexia.co.uk/ 

Email Katrina Cochrane – katrina@positivedyslexia.co.uk

Some Interesting Books to Explore!
Henry Winkler books – Hank Zipzer
Percy Jackson and the Lightening thief – Percy is Dyslexic
Lexi Dias and the Power of Dyslexia from Amazon
Dr Dyslexia Dude – www.drdyslexiadude.com – graphic novel
Sally Gardner – Sally has dyslexia and wrote Maggot Moon – winner of the Carnegie Medal.  

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Donna Stevenson, Training and Education Specialist at Lexplore: donna.stevenson@lexplore.com

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