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The Gifts of Dyslexia!

Despite affecting around 10% to 15% of the population and being the highest incidence learning difference, Dyslexia is still perhaps of one the most misunderstood. Indeed, when we see statistics or hear discussions relating to the learning difference, they all too often focus on dyslexia as an educational barrier and a challenge. Looking towards this years’ Dyslexia Awareness Week, it is important to recognise that Dyslexia is not a disadvantage but simply a different way of processing and interpreting information. 

The cognitive profiles of dyslexic individuals are actually uneven when compared to those of neuro-typical learners, meaning they really do think differently! Indeed, dyslexia has a range of common strengths and gifts, which can enable success, and in the spirit of positive dyslexia it is important to celebrate these and the potential abilities of those with dyslexia. 

Every dyslexic individual will have their own unique traits and abilities, which can often include an ability to:

  • Think creatively and come up with innovative ideas.
  • Solve problems atypically.
  • Think outside of the box.
  • Communicate and work well in teams with great empathy and intuition.
  • Procrastinate and incubate ideas.

Recently, we have seen may celebrities and successful individuals celebrating their dyslexia as a facilitator of their success and recognising that their ability to think divergently and laterally has created some of the world’s greatest inventions, brands and art.

Dyslexic individuals can achieve and have achieved incredible things and they are exceptional in the right niche. As parents and teachers, we must bring dyslexic barriers down remove any challenges and celebrate these abilities in order to support children in finding their own niche.

As proud partners of the British Dyslexia Association, our team are delighted to celebrate this years’ Dyslexia Awareness week with a FREE webinar for all parents, teachers and educators alike. The broadcast explores the gifts of dyslexia and shares some real life examples and inspiring stories!


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