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The new technology helping children with their reading!

The past year has seen unprecedented changes in children’s education, and as the novelty of being physically back in school wears off, the differences in children’s learning are becoming more apparent! As a result of the pandemic and associated lockdowns, many families have experienced job insecurity, economic hardship and bereavement, and some children have suffered more than others.

To investigate the impact that COVID has had on children’s learning and literacy, The BBC One Show  sent poet, writer, and musician Benjamin Zephaniah to a primary school in Farnham. Having experienced disruption to his own education, due to moving around a lot as a child, he was able to share his own personal experiences of struggling when it comes to reading. 

Despite being a successful poet and professor who has written more than 20 books, Mr Zephaniah was diagnosed with dyslexia as an adult. Throughout the feature he reflects on the fact that this was not identified during his time at school. Since this time the technology for analysing children’s reading has advanced significantly.

The feature explores how a number of schools across the UK are using our ground-breaking technology to support children with their reading and pinpoint any areas where they might need help.

During the feature, Mr Zephaniah sits the eye tracking assessment himself and discussed the insights it is able to offer for his own reading as well as a number of children in the school.

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