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Articles to share…

Why literacy skills can help mitigate the impact of the pandemic!

There’s an urgent need to support children in literacy so their life chances are not affected by Covid-19, says Andrea Welter, assistant head teacher from Pheasey Park Primary School and Early Years Centre…

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Laser targeted reading intervention programme launched to support pupils’ learning recovery!

As teachers return to class, the need to identify and address any reading issues will be a priority. With this in mind, Lexplore Analytics has launched a ready-made reading development and intervention programme which provides teachers with proven strategies to target each child’s precise difficulties.

Lexplore Intensive has been developed by experienced teacher,  SENDCO and dyslexia specialists, Pamela Hanigan and Rachel Gelder, who co-founded Lancashire Dyslexia Information Guidance and Support (LDIGS).

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Keeping Learning personalised with AI!

You know you have a school you can be truly proud of when it is described by one of your pupils to Ofsted inspectors as ‘like a big family’. We’ve worked hard at Hawkedale to make sure we continue inspiring pupils to achieve all they are capable of as we expand. And we’ve made good use of some innovative technology along the way.

With more children to focus on and support, AI is helping us provide more information to teachers about how their pupils learn. This is particularly true in the area of literacy, the foundation of learning and achievement in any school.

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A different Story!

Students with undiagnosed reading difficulties often struggle to access the curriculum, says Mark Fraser – but EdTech can help unlock their potential!

Imagine being unable to complete an exam or finish a piece of coursework just because you can’t get your answers written in the allotted time. You have a flair for the subject, know the content inside-out, and have some brilliant ideas, but when it comes to the crunch, your reading and writing skills let you down. It’s a scenario that’s all too familiar for secondary school students whose reading difficulties are not spotted early in their education journey…

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Our technology was recently featured on the BBC Evening News where teachers from Freemantle Community Academy in Southampton discussed how our assessment has revolutionised their view of reading in school, enabling teachers to see within five minutes if children are having trouble with certain words or letters.

Watch the feature

AI – A new insight into reading!

Our Managing Director Stephen Park and Adam Luxford from Freemantle Church of England Community Academy spoke live on BBC Radio Solent with Julian Clegg about the revolutionary impact that our technology has been having – reducing teacher workload, boosting literacy outcomes and levelling the playing field for those with special needs

Listen to the podcast

Can AI improve the way we test literacy rates?

Teachers are already under a huge amount of pressure in the classroom, so it’s imperative to get as much information into their hands as possible about children’s literacy. New developments in AI technology by Lexplore are paving the way for exactly this. By using AI technology to monitor how a child’s eye moves when reading – in a way that’s quick, easy and fun for the child – it’s possible to gain incredibly detailed insight into how his or her brain is processing text at different levels…

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The Tech that is helping us to read!

Lexplore has developed AI eye tracking software which assesses a child’s reading ability and provides the results in just a few minutes. The purpose of the software is to save hours of the teacher’s time by suggesting what the reading issue is and helping to analyse whether it’s dyslexia or just the child is struggling with a particular word…

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Can AI help to address the literacy skills gap?

At a time when the perils of social immobility are so severe, it’s imperative that we do all we can to ensure no child is left behind. Their best chance is early intervention, which relies on spotting literacy issues at the earliest possible opportunity. This is the only way that time and resources can be used effectively to help students who need the most support in their reading development. And AI encourages a level playing field, ensuring that any support has the greatest chance of success…

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Busting the myths of AI in education!

When you mention Artificial Intelligence (AI), you’re likely to get a variety of responses ranging from the fear that robots will take over our jobs – and our lives – to the conviction that it will transform our future for the better. Now that AI is becoming an integral part of organisations such as NASA, the NHS and even your local council, is it time for education to embrace the power of AI?

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Could AI play a role in boosting literacy rates?

The real power of this type of technology is the added dimension it can give schools in sharing information about pupils’ reading with teachers and parents. In our case, the eye-tracking tests revealed examples of children who were not previously identified as having reading difficulties…

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