The process step by step

1) Evidence-based Assessment

Taking only a matter of minutes our entirely computer based assessment uses powerful eye tracking technology to monitor a child’s spontaneous eye movement whilst reading. This enables us to quickly analyse the key reading components, and gain a detailed insight into how each child’s reading ability varies as they process text across different levels.

As our assessment takes a completely different format to most traditional tests pupils tend to thoroughly enjoy their experience; many even ask if they can sit it again! By replacing more time-consuming assessment methods ,we can help decrease the overall assessment time for pupils as well eliminating marking and administration time for teachers.

2) Machine Learning Analysis

Once a child has sat our assessment the recordings are uploaded to a secure, cloud-based platform. Here our machine learning models perform a powerful statistical analysis on each child’s individual eye movement patterns. As our algorithms have been trained to make precise correlations between these patterns they are able to immediately determine a child’s reading attainment percentile within our normal distribution curve.

Developed from extensive and prolonged research, these models are already performing at a very high accuracy level ( around 96% ). They also continue to learn from new data, meaning the more our technology is use the more accurate the overview of reading it is able to give.

3) Results and Intervention

Results can be accessed through our portal which shows reading attainment as a percentile across five coloured levels. Access to the Results Portal is granted only after a strong two stage authorisation process. The portal can also provide recommendations for intervention to help tailor programmes to both support and challenge all pupils inline with their reading level. With regular testing schools can closely monitor reading and ensure interventions are having the intended impact.

The Portal also enables powerful comparisons to be made across many levels from Individual Pupil to LA or MAT organisations, so that support and resources can be allocate to where they are most required. There is also an option for comparisons to be made to the national averages so that those in charge can gain an increased understanding of performance in an external context.

As a Lexplore customer you will also be invited to join our Support and Intervention Circles in Edoocoo. Within these you will be able to communicate and share experiences and ideas with ourselves, other schools, and the educational professionals we are partnered with.

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