The Technology

The mention of AI in education does for many still bring the image of robot teachers to mind! However, algorithms will never replace the invaluable skills teachers bring to the classroom, but their ability to resolve complex tasks without the need for human cognition makes them extremely useful for freeing up valuable time and resources.

At Lexplore, we combine the latest in both AI and eye-tracking technology with the “human touch” of good teachers. Our machine learning algorithms are able to recognise correlations and patterns in eye movement data, so they can quickly and objectively determine a child’s attainment. Some of these patterns might even elude most human beings or other computer programmes, therefore, their introduction into the classroom can help offer teachers an entirely different perspective when it comes to reading, as well providing the valuable information needed in minutes.

Perhaps one of the most impressive things about this technology is that fact that it actually learns from the data it collects. Therefore, the more it is used in schools the more accurate a picture of reading it is able to give! AI really can have a transformational impact in the classroom, helping level the educational playing field and contribute to an improved school environment for every pupil and teacher.

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