Product Development

There have been incredible developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence as Lexplore continues to advance. Who knows what types of functionality will be available in five or even ten years!

Lexplore continues to develop its methodology.  Teachers can easily benefit from the latest research in the field.  Partnering with Lexplore ensures that machine learning and eye tracking technology can measure how well different cognitive reading processes work together for all students. Combining this information with unfiltered eye movement data and extensive research, allows Lexplore to offer a completely unique way for educators to understand students’ reading capabilities.

Lexplore continuously develops new features and reports for educators.  Partnering schools will benefit from any new analytical methods as well. This information can be applied to previous data from earlier assessments.  Schools using Lexplore will be able to utilize all of our research and development, both past and present.

Lexplore plans to expand services to Kindergarten through 8th grade in the near future.