How to Support a Struggling Reader in Your Classroom

Even the most seasoned educator may struggle with identifying which of his or her students has a learning disability or has difficulty reading basic text. Properly identifying who in your classroom may be falling behind while maintaining the rest of your students’ growth and development can be overwhelming for a teacher striving to address the needs of each and every one of his or her students.

While Lexplore offers a myriad of educational technology to help your students succeed, we are also dedicated educators just like you. We have been in your shoes when it comes to finding solutions for struggling students and hope our tried-and-true methods ease your classroom experience and set your students on a path to proficiency.

In the first installment of our four-part guide, “How to Support a Struggling Reader in Your Classroom,” the educational technology professionals at Lexplore offer a framework for properly identifying who in your classroom may require additional instruction or attention to stay on track for healthy educational and emotional development, as well as why some students may struggle with reading compared to others. Continue reading this article for more information on how to support a struggling reader in the classroom by identifying and then providing him or her with educational support, as well as how a reading assessment system provided by Lexplore can help you optimize your time and assistance for your students in need of extra support.

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