”District Administration” A Lexplore Superintendent share his Thoughts

What educators can do

Gather and act on data: There are a few categories of data that educators can track to identify and help struggling readers come out of their spiral. One is simply keeping a bathroom log. Which of your students always needs to use the bathroom when it’s their turn to read aloud?

The second category of data you can track is behavioral data such as what time and what specific classes students get “kicked out” from. The third is English Language Arts data. How well is this student doing with assignments or group projects?

For our reading assessment, we use Lexplore, which has an AI eye-tracking feature that helps educators identify students’ reading patterns to see if they might have dyslexia or another learning disability. It’s not a diagnosis, but positive data from Lexplore is a good enough reason to recommend further academic testing to a parent. If an educator notices the red flags and has reason to believe their student is struggling alone, they know they can help their student in a couple of different ways such as using devices that measure phonemic awareness or comprehension.

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