Lexplore acquires a popular Norwegian reading app Lesemester

AI and reading development company Lexplore is expanding with its sights set on the world’s classrooms, as they purchase a popular Norwegian reading app Lesemester.

The Swedish AI and reading development company Lexplore is broadening its service by buying the popular Norwegian reading company Lesemester. “We were impressed by Lesemester’s way of succeeding in what many fail to do. Namely, to get schools and students to work with reading comprehension and reading in a digital and inspiring way. The combination of Lesemester’s platform and Lexplore’s technology can change the way schools around the world work with students’ reading development”, says Martin Sjöstrand, CEO of Lexplore.

Lesemester has in recent years been used by over five hundred schools in Norway and the service has become popular with both pupils and teachers for the way they offer books and encourage reading in a dynamic and digital way.

“We have worked hard to create a service that really works digitally in the classrooms”, says Rune Vindenes, CEO and Sales Manager of Lesemester. ”We have managed to create a good platform for creating and distributing digital books for reading, with questions and interactivity that form part of the school’s reading development work. Together with Lexplore’s AI-based method of assessing reading, we can offer teaching materials and publishers a powerful platform for the classroom”

Lesemester is a Norwegian company that has since 2012 delivered its digital reading service to schools, municipalities and families in Norway. The focus has always been on supporting pupils in becoming stronger readers. With a library of thousands of books from several different publishers, Lesemester adds engagement with gamification, reading comprehension questions and interactivity to increase interest in reading among pupils.

Lexplore was founded in 2016 as a spin-off of a research project at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. Today, the company uses unique methods to measure reading ability by using eye tracking and AI in over 1300 schools in several countries including Sweden, the UK, the US, Australia, Portugal and Norway.

After the acquisition of Lesemester there will be a short transitional phase when these two services will work in parallel and will be available in Norway. In autumn 2021 work has already begun to create a joint “Literacy Hub” that will be available in Norway, Sweden and internationally in 2022.

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