Research collaborations

Lexplore is a company born out of research. We are continuously looking for collaborations where our reading assessment is advanced and evaluated. Currently, we are very interested in supporting studies on response to reading interventions, impact of attention deficits on reading, and effects of reading assessment on learning outcomes on individual to organizational levels.

From our assessments we can provide access to one of the largest multilingual datasets in the world on children’s eye movements during reading that can be used for scientific studies. We can also support projects by providing our eye tracking assessment as a fast, accurate and objective baseline and performance measure for studies.

On this page, we have collected proposals for research that we are currently interested in pursuing, as well as ongoing and completed projects. If you are interested in a research project, joint grant application, or pursuing a master’s or PhD thesis, you are most welcome to reach out to us for a discussion of what we can do together.

Contact: Gustaf Öqvist Seimyr, Ph.D., Head of Research

Possible fields and subjects

    • Pedagogical research: Methods of reading instruction, efficiency in assessment methods, usage of results from assessments, pedagogical instructions.
    • Reading science: The relationship between decoding and comprehension.
    • Educational management: The effect of objective data on an organization and the culture around reading. Steering, quality assuring and resource allocation.
    • Organizational development: How does AI and digitalization change and develop organizations and the way they work.
    • Social science. AI, reading and equality. Closing of achievement gaps in society. Reading proficiency, socio economic data and life outcomes
    • Data science and machine learning: Predictive modelling of learning outcomes and response to intervention.

Example of eyemovements while reading and the five Lexplore levels.

Example of our assets

  • Lexplore have conducted almost 200.000 screenings. Each one of these is an individual dataset of a primary school students reading, at this specific time in their life. The eye-tracking recordings, analysis with results and sub results.
  • Lexplore has conducted data collection and operation in 12 countries. In different educational systems and different languages. All this with objective and comparable reading data.
  • Lexplore is active in 600 schools. In Sweden, around 15 municipalities also use it as a mandatory solution for all their schools. We have established contacts with these schools and some of them have already talked positively about using the project for research.

Project proposals

  • Systematic Reading Assessment and Learning Outcomes. Lexplore enables accurate, objective, and systematic assessment of reading. Schools and municipalities testament to improved reading in their students, but how large is the effect on learning outcomes over time and what are good indicators for progress?
  • Impact of Covid-19 on Reading Development. The global pandemic has resulted in school closures and teaching disruptions at an unprecedented scale. Our assessment could be used to objectively measure impact and recovery, what are the effects of the pandemic on learning and how does it compare across age groups and countries?
  • Response to Intervention of Lexplore Intensive. Several of Lexplore schools and municipalities have used Lexplore intensive, which is based on intense decoding practice. Through interviews and analysis of data, a study could analyze provide answers to which extent this gives better results?
  • Effects of Peer-to-peer Learning in School Organizations. Many users of Lexplore are talking about how the objective results and the systematic method is creating a reading culture and a peer-to-peer learning based on data. How can the impact and effect of this be assessed?
  • Strengths in Children with Dyslexia. Assessments of reading difficulties has a negative bias as only deficiencies in reading are used as a dependent variable. We are interested in assessments where children with specific reading difficulties perform better than others. Could such a test be devised, and would it improve accuracy?
  • Disentangling Attention Deficits from Language Impairments. It is well known that there is a substantial overlap between effects of attention deficits (ADD/ADHD) and specific learning disorders (SLD, Dyslexia). As interventions are very different, how can we disentangle attention deficits and language impairments in our assessment?

Ongoing projects

Concurrent and predictive validity of Lexplore. In collaboration with University of Memphis we are assessing the validity of Lexplore in a US school district. Results from Lexplore are compared to i-Ready and end of year tests. The project is supported by the Dunn Foundation.

UK effect study. In collaboration with a former headteacher and DfE advisor, education consultant Dave Whyley, the UK team and a Multi Academy Trust have embarked on a study to illustrate the true cost of tradional paper based reading assessments in schools. How much paper is used? The time spent to print, copy, compare? What are the real term costs of assessment across the school year vs a paperless and objective solution like Lexplore.

Digital reading coach. In collaboration between Foxway Education, Lexplore, Falkenbergs kommun & Bläseboskolan/Göteborg. The aim of the project is to develop an application that acts as an intelligent, virtual listener. The goal of the initiative is to enable readers aged 8-9 years, regardless of socio-economic conditions have access to equal support through virtual coaching in their reading.

Completed projects

EY study. In 2019 Management consultants EY did a study in collaboration with 4 Swedish municipalities using Lexplore in all their schools. They studied Lexplores AI-produced data together with socioeconomic data from the municipalities. Read the report.

More about the research behind Lexplore

Our method has been developed following 30 years of scientific research looking at how eye movements can offer a unique insight into those complex cognitive processes involved with reading that we can often struggle to understand. Read more here

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