The Benefits

Students Love it

Many students say that “it doesn’t feel like a test.” The quick assessment has students back to classroom activities in just a few minutes. Reading on grade level or above has shown that self-esteem improves, behavior problems decrease and it may alleviate other future societal difficulties. Lexplore exposes reading challenges and prompts teachers to introduce immediate interventions to get students on track and discovering the joys of reading.

Time Saving And Quick results

Time is a hot commodity for teachers! It takes about 2 minutes to accurately assess a student’s comprehension and reading level. Lexplore removes the long and tedious task of manually tracking and evaluating reading levels. Lexplore uses eye tracking and artificial intelligence technologies to identify students with reading challenges and those who are proficient.

Personalized Learning

Teachers can create personalized learning plans based on quality data. Intervention can begin immediately. By testing struggling students every 3 months, teachers are able to assess their intervention methods and adjust a student’s learning plan accordingly.

Resource Allocation

Lexplore’s rapid reading assessment helps teachers and school administrators with resource allocation. Early detection of reading difficulties aides in focusing on intervention before there is a need for additional tutoring or human capital. When a student doesn’t learn to read in the early elementary years, schools have to invest in special resources to get the student on track, not just in reading but in all subject areas. In addition, using Lexplore throughout the year reveals if current remediation tools and intervention methods are working. Educators can make informed decisions about products and services for all of their students.

Objective Reporting

Lexplore is time efficient, collects objective data and provides reading level feedback for students on an individual, classroom, school and district-wide basis. These reports can be used to show progress, alter interventions and ensure all students are proficient. Real time data is collected, processed and reports are quickly produced for analysis.